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Executive Headteacher:

Mrs Zoe McIntyre  
20190722 142937

Head of School:

Mrs Julie Stevens  Mrs stevens


Assistant Headteacher:20190722 143409

Mrs Gill Glenn



Year 6a:

Mrs Gill Glenn                            20190722 143409


Year 6 b:

Miss Bethany Harmes 


Year 5

Miss Sam Longden




Year 4:

Mr David Walters   




Year 3:

Mr Paul Wilkinson20190722 143159


Year 2:

Miss Erica Patrick20190722 143239







Year 1:

Miss Sophie Coleman  20190722 143054      



Mrs Harriet Allen (part-time)20190722 143113



Mrs Danielle Cole (part-time)   




Mrs Lisa Howarth20190722 144456



Mrs Kathryn Phillips 

                                                  20190722 143139  Miss Sophia Nordberg20190722 143437

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Michelle Taylor 20190722 144602




Miss Sarah Fordrey20190722 142955





Mrs Sue Petts20190722 143343






Mrs Jo Scott20190722 143300




Mrs Caroline Miller20190722 144522





Miss Sarah Senogles


Midday Supervisors:

Mrs Gill Fligg (also site staff)20190722 144438







Mrs Ali Dowler20190722 142822




Mrs Di Livingstone20190722 142807



Mrs Aimee Boddington


Mr Alan Dicker

Mrs Sharon Gowen20190722 144534





Miss Gabriella Vokes20190722 144617

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