Apply for a place for Sept 2022


Available from Jules at home, Roade. You can visit the shop or order online.

AUTUMN / SPRING TERMS  - September to Easter

Boys                Grey trousers

                        Black shoes

                        Sky Blue Shirt

                        School Tie

                        Navy Sweatshirt or fleece with logo


Girls                 Grey trousers / skirt / pinafore / culottes

                        Black shoes

                        Sky Blue blouse

                        School Tie

                        Navy Cardigan / Sweatshirt / Fleece with logo


SUMMER TERM   - Easter to August                

Boys are allowed to wear shorts and a sky blue polo shirt with logo

Girls are allowed to wear Blue checked dresses or sky blue  polo with logo


All children PE Kit :

Navy Blue shorts

Sky Blue Tee-Shirt (with logo)

Navy Blue tracksuit for outdoor PE

Trainers for outdoor PE


Book bag

P.E bag


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