Curriculum Overview

Our aim at Hardingstone Academy is to provide a curriculum which:

  • is bespoke and built upon the needs and experiences of our learners;
  • is inspiring and creative;
  • encourages and values enquiry, problem solving and independence;
  • engages and motivates all learners;
  • is inclusive and accessible to all of our learners;
  • creates a sense of enjoyment and a thirst for knowledge;
  • builds and develops our strong community links;
  • provides our learners with the skills they will need to become critical thinkers of the future;
  • creates successful lifelong learners;
  • demonstrates a clear progression from EYFS through to Year 6.

Our well-developed curriculum is underpinned by the statutory National Curriculum and the EYFS Framework. We enhance and adapt this with well-planned opportunities that make up the wider school curriculum. Our curriculum approach is knowledge based; we empower knowledge through our high-quality teaching and our cross curricular links which strengthen skills and consolidate learning. 

We constantly review and revisit skills and knowledge developing our learners to become resilient, reflective, curious about the world around them and learners who aspire to all life possibilities. At Hardingstone Academy, we ensure our curriculum is underpinned by our school values.  Throughout the curriculum, our aim is to encourage children to reach for the stars, but keep their feet on the ground.  This allows children to reach their full potential as local, national and global citizens, in an ever changing world.

Parents can find out more about the Primary National Curriculum below.

EMAT’s Teaching and Learning Framework

The curriculum is the totality of our pupils’ experiences of education. Our curriculum is broad, balanced, rich and varied. We provide pupils with high-quality education and experiences so that they are ready for each next stage in their education and are prepared for their lives in modern Britain.

This framework sets out the key principles and theoretical perspectives that inform our curricular thinking across all our schools. It sets out what we believe are important features of the most effective teaching, learning and assessment practices, informed by reliable research. It gives us a ‘shared language’ with which we review, refine and improve our pupils’ educational experiences.

The principles contained within it are not a ‘checklist’, but a conceptual framework that underpins our work to ensure our pupils’ successful learning.

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