The Eco-Schools Programme is a global initiative that involves millions of children from 68 different countries. It is the largest environmental school programme in the world. Hardingstone Academy is now joining thousands of other schools across the UK to learn about the importance of environmental issues.

The Eco-Schools programme encourages young people to engage with their environment and actively protect it. It starts in the classroom and expands to the school, ultimately promoting change in the wider community.

A very important part of our school programme is the Eco-Committee. The committee is made up of representatives from every class from Year 1 to Year 6 and every year a new committee will be elected. The Eco Team's main role is to identify areas in our school that we can improve upon to become more environmentally friendly.

Our school is taking meaningful steps towards building a better tomorrow by organising whole-school campaigns on various topics such as recycling, energy use, and more. As a part of these campaigns, they will conduct assemblies and competitions to encourage and motivate everyone to participate and contribute to our Eco journey.

Our ultimate goal is to attain the status of a Green Flag school!

Our Eco-Code

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Our eco-committee assembly - May 2024

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