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Hardingstone Academy is delighted to have a new partnership with a school in Kenya, called Kamtudi School.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn about another country and its culture, traditions and lifestyle.

Pupils have sent and received information about our school to the children in Kenya, along with some questions and short stories.  

Here are some of the questions our Year 5 pupils asked and the responses from the children at Kamtudi School:

What languages do you speak? (Charlie B) Dholuo (mother tongue), English (official language), Kiswahili (national and official language).
What do you do on the weekends? (Amanda) Looking after cows, fetching water from the river.
What age do you start school? (Mai) 3 years old
What sort of food do you eat? (Oscar) Sweet potato,cassava, rice, fish, ugali (a type of corn meal).
How long is your school day anad what time does it start? (Eloise)  8am until 4.10pm 
Do you have access to clean water? Only during rainy season
Do you use modern technology, eg laptops, smart devices, internet? Few parents can afford them

The children have recently sent us some artwork about their school in Kenya and their lives there, which you can see below in our gallery.

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